I have a passion for art, I do not create in order to please others but to produce works which excite myself that are challenging and engaging. I am interested in pushing the boundaries with my work within a traditional paint on canvas format. I like to challenge myself to create new and exciting images.

I draw and paint the nude, the landscape, still life and portraits

I paint in a simplistic way often using just a stick to create a feeling of primitive, primal mark making. I love fluid dripping paintwork which I find expressive and powerful. This crude, childlike, approach seemingly contradicts my need for draftsmanship but expressive paintwork gets me closer to a sense of reality than I think a photographic reality ever can.

I work from life drawing from multiple viewpoints moving all around the figure creating a coherent single complete image. This process is further complicated by creating distortions, transparency and size exaggerations to charge strange, fascinating and complex images.

The clothed and nude figure is a conduit and metaphor for exploring complex issues. I do not call my work erotic, my rough primitive way of working stops the nude from being looked at as superficially erotic and hopefully encourages the viewer to find a different understanding or interpretation with deeper meanings and intent.


Stefan Prince has written:

”Paul’s very personal approach to life drawing is to render the figure from multi-viewpoints thus revealing details that would otherwise be hidden from a single view-point. Details are revealed through transparent superimposition of body elements leading to exciting distortions of the figure. Coupled with these distortions and scale manipulations Paul offsets subtle tonal ranges created through delicate hatch and cross hatching against strong contrasts of light and shadow. The result is a richly coloured series of powerful and sometimes disturbing images exploring the beauty and sexuality of the human form.”