Paul Woods was born in England UK in the year of 1958

Paul trained at St Martins School of Art but it was not until he set up his own gallery, The Coventry Gallery – London that his work developed in subject and style recognizable today. It is at this point that his interest in erotica and religious questioning seriously began. His exploration of sex and sexuality climaxed with two festivals of erotica, “Pleasures Unbound” 1995 and “Pleasures Unbound – again” 1996.

During this time Paul Woods inaugurated the UK’s then only Erotic Life-Drawing Group in 1995. Sexuality was explored in all its forms. This gained the attention of the media especially television which featured the drawing classes many times.

The Paul Woods Erotic life-drawing group featured with a devoted chapter in a book, “Sylvie Jones Sex Diary”.

The Association of Erotic Artists was created in 2005, co-founded with the widely published photographer Christopher John Ball and Paul Woods. The Association is a campaigning group for the Erotic Arts and Artists working within the erotic genre. The group  seeks to challenge society’s bigoted and misguided opinions of the nature, relevance and standing of erotic art and make a stand against social, political and religious condemnation.

An exploration of eroticism is at the heart of the work of Paul Woods who has taken the later works of Picasso as inspiration. it has been in order to reconstruct the nude in ways that enable a new configuration of the erotic.

Stefan Prince has written:

Paul’s very personal approach to life drawing is to render the figure from multi-viewpoints thus revealing details that would otherwise be hidden from a single view-point. Details are revealed through transparent superimposition of body elements leading to exciting distortions of the figure. Coupled with these distortions Paul offsets subtle tonal ranges created through delicate hatch and cross hatching against strong contrasts of light and shadow. The result is a richly coloured series of powerful and disturbing images exploring the beauty and sexuality of the human form.”

This has been a personal journey of many years for Paul Woods with increasingly the addition of religious motifs within the context of the erotic. He is an Atheist and a Humanist. As an Atheist he does not believe in God. As an Humanist he believes in the right  to believe in God. Paul explores his relationship with religion in order to both understand and question how it impacts on his and our lives today.

Studied at

St Martins School of Art – London 1976 – 1979


Gallery 47, London (1992)

B.P. Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London (1994)

Gallerie T’Hoff du Puttens – Belgium (1995)

Just Filth!, Coventry Gallery (1995)

Pleasures Unbound Festival of Erotica, Coventry Gallery – London (1995)

  • Finalist in the 1996 Erotic Oscars

Pleasures Unbound Again, Coventry Gallery – London (1996)
Sex in Art, Coventry Gallery – London (1996)

Association of Erotic Artists Group Exhibition, Woburn Gallery, London 2004
Club Wicked, (cabaret exhibitions), London
Deep Space Art Show, London

Erotica, Olympia, London (1999-2005)
Skin Two Expo 1999: ICA, London
Skin Two Expo 2000: Barbican, London
Skin Two Expo 2002: Barbican, London

International erotisk samtidskunst II, Odense, Denmark (2008)
International erotisk samtidskunst II, Aarhs, Denmark (2008)

Mairie, Castelnau-Magnoac, France (2008)

Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas, United States (2008)

Office de Tourism, Mirande, France 2008

Christmas Exhibition, Galleri Jarsbo, Denmark (2008)

‘ENLIGHTENMENT’ Association of Erotic Artists group exhibition. Northend Studios, Milton Keynes. 2009

Paul was on the panel of judges for a prestigious international photographic competition,  The Erotic Review 2009 Erotic Photographer of the Year Prize